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Some things in life we cannot change. Childbirth and intercourse cause physical strain to the female body. Then there’s the natural loss of estrogen, collagen, and elastin that happens with aging. Although there’s not much you can do to prevent this, you CAN change the way you look and feel—and today, you can do it WITHOUT surgery.

VOTIVA is a non-invasive feminine health technology that uses radio frequency heating on the internal vaginal tissue and external vulva and labia. It’s comfortable, safe, and designed to regain your youthfulness.

If you are experiencing vaginal discomfort during sex, dryness, urinary incontinence, or similar symptoms, contact us today for your VOTIVA consultation. This treatment is non-surgical and has been quoted as “life-changing” for many.


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Dr. Tuttle is the Only Doctor Offering VOTIVA in Ohio

Columbus Wellness Medicine is thrilled to introduce VOTIVA, the feminine health technology that everyone is talking about. That’s because women who’ve tried VOTIVA report improvements in blood flow, vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, and intimacy—not to mention a boost in self-confidence.

While the procedure itself isn’t long, the results are life changing.

Dr. Elizabeth Tuttle is an anti-aging doctor serving Columbus Ohio and the surrounding area. Working with many female patients in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond, it is our goal at Columbus Wellness Medicine to help our patients feel energized, youthful, and healthy. If you are experiencing vaginal discomfort during sex, dryness, urinary incontinence, or similar symptoms, contact us today for your VOTIVA consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions


Because VOTIVA is non-invasive, you don’t have to worry about the risks associated with surgery. No sedation is required, and the procedure has been cleared by the FDA.

Is VOTIVA painful?

VOTIVA’s radio frequency energy is painless. Most women report feeling comfortable during the entire procedure.

How Long is the Procedure?

One of the advantages of VOTIVA is that the procedure is very short—anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. It’s almost like going in for your annual exam.

How Does VOTIVA work?

VOTIVA is an FDA approved procedure that uses modern technology for vaginal tightening through three sessions of treatments. This treatment uses bipolar radio frequency energy treatment designed to treat common medical issues that impact women's intimate health. Unlike most devices, VOTIVA from InMode is designed to deliver bipolar radiofrequency energy instead of monopolar. This distinction results in shorter treatment times. Younger patients tend to see results sooner, some reporting a difference as soon as the same day of the first treatment!

How Long Before I See Results?

VOTIVA tightens the vaginal area almost immediately, and patients should continue to see improvements over the following weeks. Women can opt for repeat treatments to maximize their results.

VOTIVA Compared to Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty?

Compared to vaginoplasty or labiaplasty, VOTIVA is a non-surgical approach to improving the health of the vaginal and labial tissues by using radiofrequency heat. Our procedure will help firm up these tissues and improve vaginal lubrication, urinary continence and sexual response.




More on VOTIVA

VOTIVA offers patients a non-surgical, pain free option to restore the vaginal area both internally and externally. Treatments often last less than 30 minutes with little to no recovery time.


Internal Rejuvenation

VOTIVA’s Forma-V uses a safe, uniform RF energy technology for deep tissue tightening. It is designed to address issues including sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor laxity that result from aging, physical damage, and hormonal changes.

External Rejuvenation

VOTIVA’s Fractora-V is used to improve the look of the labia, the external vaginal area. Using fractional RF energy, Fractora-V works to improve superficial skin tone problems, skin texture, and skin tightness.

VOTIVA is not for everyone. Consulting with our doctor is the first step to determining if you are a candidate, as infections or other medical issues may prohibit you from getting VOTIVA.


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Columbus Wellness Medicine is the only facility to offer VOTIVA in Ohio! We are excited and proud to be helping women in the Ohio area with pain-free and cost-effective options to improve your intimate and feminine health. Contact us today for more information or fill out the form below to get started.