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Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Did you know that Potassium Bromate is an additive put in commercial breads to make the dough firmer and have more rise?  However, it is known that this additive is carcinogenic! Europe, UK, Canada and Brazil have all banned this additive, but not the United States.  Please be wary. Read the ingredients of any breads/pastries you buy.  Be safe!

The CDC has found > 80% of urine samples tested are contaminated with glyphosates.  More than 87% of urine samples from children show glyphosate contamination. Glyphosate is the chemical in ROUND UP. Over 200 million pounds of glyphosates are used by US farmers on their fields annually! They spray the round up directly on their genetically engineered soy and corn crops to kill weeds. The genetically modified crops are made to tolerate the Round Up. Round Up is also used on wheat and oat crops to dry them out before harvesting. Round Up is also sprayed on the fields before the growing season by spinach and almond growers.  This chemical is found all over the world now in water and soil and foods. It is linked to many types of cancers and other health issues. Monsanto continues to say this chemical is not harmful. A recent decision by the Ninth District Appeals Court has concluded the 2020 EPA approval of Round Up was unlawful.   The court determined there is overwhelming evidence this herbicide causes cancers and the evidence was ignored by the EPA.

Every year the EWG=Environmental Working Group puts out a DIRTY DOZEN list of foods to avoid, unless they are organic.  They also put out a CLEAN FIFTEEN list of foods with the least likely contamination, and therefore, ok to eat if not organic.