Functional Medicine. A New Day to Feel Better!

Men’s Health Week is June 14th – 20th

Two common things men tend to have are Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction…both can be helped!

  • Low Testosterone – blood testing is done to determine your testosterone levels. If replacement is needed, it is available by prescription.

Low testosterone can cause:

    • Forgetfulness
    • Fatigue
    • Irritability
    • Low sex drive
    • ED
  • ED – According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases,

ED affects about 30 million men in the United States.

    • Are you looking for a drug free alternative for your ED? Dr. Tuttle offers the GAINSWave and P-Shot treatments.
      • The GAINSWave treatment uses acoustic waves to break up any micro-plaque in the blood vessels and helps to stimulate new cell and tissue growth.
      • The P-Shot uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, making it very safe with little to no side effects. The PRP has growth cells that can be taught how to react when it’s time for an erection.