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Managing Holiday Food Guilt

Does anyone else struggle with food guilt this time of year?

It’s easy to when holiday treats are all around us, but the shame and guilt we make ourselves feel after overindulging doesn’t help anyone. But a lot of this guilt can come from the fact that we aren’t always making conscious food decisions this time of year. Maybe we had a second plate because someone else was going back for seconds and we wanted to follow suit. Maybe the cookies are sitting out on the counter, and we ate one or two out of impulse. Whatever the situation may be, I’d like to challenge you to make conscious food choices this holiday season.

Next time you’re at a party or see the cookies in the kitchen, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the holidays about to me?

It’s helpful to redirect our minds from focusing on the food, to what this season is really about for us. Remember the reason you’re celebrating, and that the food is only one part of that celebration.

  • What foods do I look forward to each year?

You may have a favorite dish your aunt always brings, or a favorite dessert that you only eat this time of year. Focus on eating the foods that are truly special to you, instead of the foods that aren’t. I know I’d go for Aunt Suzie’s mashed potatoes over the store-bought rolls any day.

  • What foods do I always eat that in hindsight I really could care less about?

If there are certain foods that you know won’t make you feel well after (maybe you have a food sensitivity that you need to avoid), or maybe you see a food you just don’t really care about – skip them! And go for foods that you’ll enjoy and physically feel good after eating too.

  • How I want to feel when it’s over?

Gauging hunger and satiety before, during, and after a meal is key. Ask yourself if you’d rather feel satisfied and comfortable when the meal is over, or completely stuffed and uncomfortable. These questions might drive which foods you choose, and how much you have.

Once you’ve made your conscious food decisions, enjoy them guilt-free! You know you made thoughtful decisions about which foods you’d like to enjoy and which ones you wouldn’t.

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