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Women and sexual health – It’s time to enjoy your sex life again

As women age, they sometimes can notice changes in their sexual health.

Less desire, dryness, and other issues can really put a damper on a woman’s sexual health.

If you are a woman wondering how to maintain or regain her sexual health, you aren’t alone. And the good news is, there is help available!

Here are four ways you can have sexual health – for life!

Reduce stress

Stress can be a real desire killer, so if you are dealing with stress in your job, your marriage, with your children, with aging parents…we get it. Life happens. And it’s hard to remember that on top of all you juggle, you are still a sexual being.

By cutting stress, you can focus on yourself – and your pleasure.

Communicate with your partner

As we age, we can lose confidence in our appearance. Maybe it’s been a long dry spell and you don’t know how to get back in the saddle, so to speak. It’s hard to enjoy sex if you are dealing with these issues, and sometimes, it’s as simple as having a heart to heart with your partner about sex.

Seek professional help

There is professional help available for all sorts of sexual issues, so don’t be afraid to talk about this with your doctor. He or she has heard it all!

We offer treatments such as the O-Shot, which rejuvenates clitoral and vaginal tissues and Votiva, which helps you regain your youthfulness.

Get busy

We like to say that sex begets sex, and the more you have the more you want. So, get out there and have sex! If you need to build up to the main event, that’s OK too. Start with a massage, some kissing, hugging or hand holding.

Write each other racy notes or texts.

The point is, think sexy thoughts and sex is sure to come.

Some new lingerie, toys or other enhancers don’t hurt either.

Columbus Wellness Medicine

At Columbus Wellness Medicine, we focus on treating the whole patient. If you are a woman dealing with sexual issues, make an appointment today. We can help!