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erectile dysfunction

Have Erectile Dysfunction? Here are the top Three things to ask your doctor

If you have been dealing with erectile dysfunction, you might also be dealing with a range of emotions and questions. Performance anxiety adds to the problem.
The good news is, for most men, it isn’t a condition that has to be permanent. There is help available!

So, if you are having erectile dysfunction and are considering seeing a doctor, here are three things to consider.

What could be causing my erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can have many causes: Alcohol use, some medications, age, stress, and underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes are just a few. Talking honestly with your doctor about your lifestyle, job and other factors can help her pinpoint the reasons behind your ED – and choose an appropriate treatment plan.

How do I address my erectile dysfunction?

Lifestyle changes such as exercise, sleep and cutting stress, combined with procedures such as GAINSWave and P-shot could restore blood flow.

What is GAINSWave and P-shot?

The GAINSWave is a procedure utilizing acoustic waves to restore blood flow by creating new blood vessels. The P-shot utilizes your platelet-rich plasma and can also rejuvenate your blood supply.
The increase in blood flow results in stronger and better erections.
The good news about ED is, it doesn’t have to ruin your life.
Addressing underlying medical conditions, improving your lifestyle and utilizing GAINSWave and/or the P-shot can make a difference in your performance and enjoyment.

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